We hope all are having a great summer! School will be starting soon and PLEASE remember all the School Staff and the job that they have and do. Remember them with FLOWERS!! Thanks for your patronage and 45 years!!
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Outlined Pictured Arrangement

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Outlined Pictured Arrangement
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A unique tribute of the many attributes and memories that can be kept for a life time after the passing of a special loved one.  A normal photo that has been enlarged to fit the occasion outlined in stargazer lilies, pink carnations, white gerbera daisies or any type flower can be requested. We do not enlarge photo's but there is a print shop just up the side walk from us or you can have it done at most any print shop.

Substitution & Delivery Policy

*PLEASE READ* We RESERVE the option to substitute based on our standards of quality, look, and feel. It is a difficult time right now in our industry to get certain flowers AND vases. Don't worry! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL regardless of any change we need to make! If you really need that certain item, please call the store and let us know immediately. Thanks for your understanding.

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